Presented “other” Toyota Corolla

Presented “other” Toyota Corolla


Toyota displays Japanese home market model Corolla twelfth generation sedan and wagon. New moved to a global platform TNGA, but the size is different from the global model.

The sedan and wagon were much smaller than their predecessors, as with the change of generation Corolla, the Japanese “moved” on global architecture TNGA (previously the model was based on increased “truck” Yaris). The wheelbase of all three variants – hatchback, chetyrehdverki and wagon are the same and is 2640 mm. In the length of sedan decreased by 135 millimeters relative to the previous generation Corolla, and universal – 155 mm, and in addition they were 35 and 45 mm, respectively.


The range of engines includes an engine capacity of 1.8 liters capacity of 140 horsepower and the 1.2 turbo engine, the output of which is 116 forces. Also available in a hybrid modification, which includes 1.8, derated to 98 forces, and a 72-horsepower electric motor. For this version provides optional motor (7.2 V power) on the rear axle, and this configuration is offered exclusively in the Japanese market. Prices range from 17.9 thousand dollars for a sedan to 18.6 thousand for the wagon.

What is the Corolla of the three would choose for yourself?

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