Presented the first image of the crossover Mercedes-Benz EQB

Presented the first image of the crossover Mercedes-Benz EQB


In the dealerships of Europe’s new electric crossover SUV Mercedes-Benz EQB should appear after the “Junior” model of EQA in early 2021. At that time, the range of electric cars the German brand will be four models (along with the crossover EQC and van EQV).

The exterior of the new EQB will get several features common to all models electrical line EQ (you can assume that based on this, the authors render – As with EQA and EQC, the crossover will be equipped with a tapered head optics, upgraded radiator grille and more advanced from the point of view of aerodynamics bumper.

Robert Forester (Robert Lesnik), head of development Mercedes exterior design, said exterior model: “In our opinion, every Mercedes should have its own look. This is what we showed on the EQC and show on other vehicles. In the family of models of EQ are different design options (front and back), but in the design of all models will use the same language.”

New EQB will be built on a common platform with the ice-ness of the GLB crossover. That is, it will be based on a modified version of the MFA2 platform, which is also used in the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, B-Class and CLA. It is possible that the EQB crossover will get an electric power module similar to the new EQA (with motor on each axle and a battery in the bottom).

However, if an ordinary GLB can be obtained in seven-seat version (with two folding seats in the Luggage compartment), it is unlikely that electric EQB will be offered in this configuration, because the electric motor and the battery needs extra space.

Confirmed information about the power plants EQB yet, but as a “younger” brother EQA, power and torque should be around 270 BHP and 500 Nm. In addition, to remain competitive in the fight for the championship (with, say, e Kia-Niro) in the class, the power reserve of the crossover should be around 300 miles (483 km).

Robert Forester added: “after two years in the line of ten cars.” Today, Mercedes has confirmed five of the ten models that will be included in the series of EQ. Four of them are either in development or close to release to the market. The fifth car is a sedan Mercedes-Benz EQS (the concept of which was shown in Frankfurt last year) – after entering the market in 2022 will become the flagship of the brand.


Previously, representatives of Mercedes-Benz have pointed out that among these ten electric vehicles will be EQ only “a few saloons”. Therefore, it can be expected that other “trains” will be crossovers and compact LCV.

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