Presented the most cartoon electric car

Presented the most cartoon electric car


A miniature electric car was shown in funny colors with characters from Disney animated films.

The Wuling brand, which belongs to the joint production of American General Motors and China’s SAIC, has officially unveiled the new miniature electric vehicle Nano EV. As expected, the car is virtually indistinguishable from the baby Baojun E200.

The Wuling Nano EV will be one step below the existing Hongguang Mini EV bestseller. Unlike the latter, the Nano has not four, but two seats, thus it falls under the classification of an ATV rather than a full-fledged car.

The novelty differs from Baojun E200 only with nameplates and unique colors, which will be available for a limited modification of the car, released in cooperation with the Disney animation studio.

On the technical side, there are not many changes either. At the disposal of the driver is the same small electric motor with 32 horsepower, which is installed on the front axle. The torque, however, is quite good for this kind of recoil, it is 85 Nm. The baby can reach a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The battery with a capacity of 28 kWh is perhaps the only innovation of the Nano EV over the E200, in which this figure was equal to 24 kilowatts. It allows you to drive up to 305 km according to the NEDC method, against 270 on the E200.

Plus, the machine has an intelligent battery management system, including temperature control. And the driver can separately control some functions on the application in the smartphone. Sales seem to have already begun. The limited edition Disney special edition starts at 59,800 yuan.

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