Presented the updated pick-up Maxus as a show car

Presented the updated pick-up Maxus as a show car


Company Maxus at the auto show in Chengdu on Thursday, July 30, showed a conceptual model of the new truck.

As yet unnamed truck got “refreshed” face. The change affected the design of the stern, however add-ons in the cargo compartment and on the roof will be the attributes of the show car.

Salon concept car is affected even more significant upgrade. It is worth noting the presence of a single unit with two displays (for the instrument panel and infotainment system). All that should appear on production cars, unlike custom seats and fun colors and finishing panels.


Which engine will get impending new, as yet unknown. Currently, T60 and T70 are offered with a 163-horsepower turbo diesel 2.0 or petrol 213-horsepower turbo engine of similar displacement. It is assumed that the presentation of the serial version of the conceptual model will take place before the end of this year.

In addition, recently it was noted that Chevrolet has updated the Chevrolet pickup S10. This car is offered on the South American market. In Brazil, the updated model is worth 125, 000 reais ($24.300). At the same time for the flagship configuration of the car will have to pay 213,000 reais ($41.300).

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