Presents a hybrid modification of the crossover Mercedes-Benz GLE

Presents a hybrid modification of the crossover Mercedes-Benz GLE


Ahead of the Frankfurt auto show the Germans gave the SUV a new power plant – and it is diesel-electric.

It is assumed that this design feature of the crossover GLE 350de will attract to his side the European buyers: the SUV got completely diesel traction performance, but it can do almost without fuel.

Powerplant for the new items composed of two-liter 194-horsepower diesel and electric motor that develops 136 HP Together, they develop 320 horsepower and impressive 700 Nm of torque. To 100 km/h Mercedes-Benz GLE 350de can be accelerated for 6.8 seconds and a top speed limited to 210 km/h when using the engine or 160 km/h, if we are talking about the acceleration on electric. The crossover will carry off about 3 500 kg.


But more interesting other indicators. The novelty is supplied with a system recovery and an impressive 31.2 per-kilowatt battery that can be recharged from external source of electricity. With the help of a special device energy level from 10 to 80% can be recharged in just 20 minutes, and from the usual outlets – 5 hours. The manufacturer claims that the electric crossover can travel up to 99 miles (during the measurement cycle WLTP). Accordingly, the fuel consumption in terms of 100 km from the GLE 350 de will actually be minimal.

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To pay for this opportunity will have a cargo capacity: it is known that bulky battery “Otel” a certain amount of space at the rear compartment of the SUV. However, it still remains impressive. If you fold the rear seats in the hybrid crossover will be put to 1 915 liters of Luggage, while the standard GLE, the average is 2 055 L.

Debut of the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350de this week at the exhibition in Frankfurt. The release date is not yet known, but it is possible that the same powertrain will get the recently submitted cross-coupe GLE.

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