Presents a self-charging electric supercar Production-Spec RG Nathalie

Presents a self-charging electric supercar Production-Spec RG Nathalie


All will be produced only 500 copies of the German all-electric supercar with ultra-fast refilling system. Power reserve of new items can be up to 1,200 km when driving in economy mode.

In 2018, the Roland Gumpert, former Director of Audi Motorsport, has introduced its revolutionary model Nathalie – a supercar that combines clean energy of electric vehicles and the usability of fuel cells are refueled with methanol (alcohol). Indicators of performance were impressive for the time, now, the engineer has introduced a significantly updated version of the machine.

The biggest feature Nathalie is her unconventional energy system that received the designation 2Way. Each wheel is mounted on the motor, which in turn is powered from a battery located on the floor of the vehicle. The recharge process takes the form of a hybrid system using methanol (alcohol) fuel cells, which are located under the hood of the car.


As a result of chemical reactions in the fuel cells recharged the main battery. The recharging process occurs even at idle, especially when accelerating and braking.

Through this process, innovative Nathalie samsarajade themselves and a long recharge time of electric vehicles is reduced to three-minute re-fueling of the methanol tank. Thanks Nathalie has an impressive power reserve of 821 km at an average speed of 121 km/h or 199 to 1 km in eco mode.

With 536 horsepower (989 Nm), RG Nathalie can “jump” from place to 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. Maximum speed is 306 km/h.

Mass production RG Nathalie is limited to only 500 copies, with an estimated price of 300 000-500 000.

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