Pressure washers Dnipro-M: Quality at an affordable price

Pressure washers Dnipro-M: Quality at an affordable price


Pressure washer useful equipment for anyone who owns a private house or car. They allow to remove from the surfaces any contaminants, for a few minutes clearing them. Sinks are often used to clean cars, but with no less success clean walls, facades, tiles, fences, bicycles, etc. On the website of the Ukrainian brand of power tools and construction equipment Dnipro-M available to a wide range of high pressure washers for household and commercial use.

The dignity of the washers Dnipro-M

In the development of high pressure washers brand Dnipro-M was guided by domestic and international quality standards. It is possible to create a product that delivers reliability and high performance.


  • This engine uses a copper coil, which is made in Japan. The top is additionally covered with three layers of red lacquer. The coating retains its properties even when heated to 200°C, which gives high level of protection against high temperature.
  • In the sinks of the brand used air-cooled type, which is improved with streamlined impeller. This ensures optimum cooling of the engine at work.
  • Body washes made of PA6GF30 plastic, which has the highest strength in their class.
  • Hose through which water is supplied, is rubberized — it is convenient for operation in a wide temperature range and has good flexibility.
  • The sinks are aluminum pump, which can withstand high pressure. The pump is disassembled.
  • As the material for pistons selected metal, and plungers made of stainless steel.


Performance of pressure washers Dnipro-M up to 420 l/hour. This is enough to clean up auto pollution with different levels of stability and complexity. Washing is able to clean not only cars, but also special equipment. In some models of sinks installed induction motor — this further enhances their effectiveness.


The use of washes convenient thanks to quick release hose. To connect it to the sink and the gun will need just one click — it reduces the time to prepare the equipment for operation. For transporting sinks provides wheels and ergonomic handles. Length of high pressure hose is from 5 to 6 meters, which makes it possible to comfortably move around the room.

Additional features

The sink provides additional functions that facilitate work with the equipment and protect it from breakage:

  • Automatic stop of set pressure (Auto stop system). Once the sink is filled with water, the system will shut off the water until, until the pressure drops. This greatly extends the life of the equipment and saves energy.
  • Security system sinks from overheating (thermo control system).
  • Protection against unintentional inclusion.
  • The ability to instantly change the angle of the direction of the jet.
  • Washing brand can work not only on centralized water supply, but also to take the water from the tank.

Guarantee of quality and reliability

Guarantee on all pressure washers Dnipro-M is 3 years. During this period users can enjoy a free maintenance and repair of wash facilities in the service centers of the brand, which are located throughout Ukraine. In the service repair of washing, the user returns healthy and clean tool. From the masters of service you can also get free advice on maintenance of equipment.

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