Pretty rare Porsche 928 sold for $150 000

Pretty rare Porsche 928 sold for $150 000


Pretty rare Porsche 928, which was produced in 1988, today sell for 149 000 dollars. I wonder what the mileage is only 4656 km.

An ad appeared on eBay. The lot will be available for almost a month, so its price during this time can significantly change. The car is in excellent condition. Besides, it is quite rare, although the history of this model could have turned out quite differently.

Initially, the Porsche 928 was conceived by the German company as the successor to the famed Porsche 911. Rear-engined layout was considered somewhat outdated. And the new V8 engine, located in front of the opened access to new indicators of power.

Due to this the car was offered another level of dynamics, despite the increased mass. Besides, the Porsche 928 was set to a more comfortable ride, offering customers the driving characteristics of a luxury GT segment.


However, the novelty has acquired not so numerous audience. Given that the 928 still get a good model, consumer demand for the Porsche 911 is not reduced. Sports car lovers liked the responsiveness and specific handling small lightweight machine.

Therefore, the Porsche 928 still not received a direct heir, and the company decided to continue development of the 911-th model line. As you can see now, the leadership of the German brand made the right decision. By and large, 928-Oh its expectations were not met. However, this does not prevent him to be a valuable collector’s item to this day.

In your opinion, the Porsche 928 is worth the money?

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