PREVIEW: Volkswagen I.D. R vs McLaren 720s: Series 28

PREVIEW: Volkswagen I.D. R vs McLaren 720s: Series 28


Here’s a preview of Chris Harris testing the mind-bending, physics-altering, kidney-busting Volkswagen I.D. R – the new prototype racer from VW that set the hillclimb record at Goodwood – and the Nürburgring EV lap record – last summer.And to demonstrate just how fast it is, Harris races it against the (not slow) McLaren 720s.Watch the full film here: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here.

it’s called the IDR and while it might look like a race car the IDR doesn’t exist to compete in any championship anywhere on the planet no this is a race car built without rules a race car our limits so if you’ve got a blank sheet of paper and your only aim is to go really really fast what do you do for power have listen to this that’s right Volkswagens no-limits racing car is electric Volkswagens answer to ultimate power is batteries so let’s see what those batteries can do by Lucas for 62 seconds for 225 seconds or to put it another way what is a McLaren 720s over 700 horsepower pretty much the fastest supercar on the planet right now remember that

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