Prices at gas stations continue to grow. Expert opinions


The average cost of petrol increased to 10.44 UAH per liter, according to the daily price monitoring of retail market of oil products of the Consulting group A-95 reports enkorr, reports Glavred.

In Kiev and region WOG, Amic and Mango increased the price of gas at the stations for 10 kop/l, OKKO, Shell and the Belarusian Republican youth Union-Nafta – 20 kopecks/liter, KLO – 30 kopecks./


As of June 2, the ratio of the average price of LPG to the price of gasoline A-95 rose to 47.8%. Recall that a month ago she had been 37.8%.

As explained by Director of Consulting group a-95 Sergei Kuiun, Ukraine has not yet felt the impact on prices, because traders have a significant “margin of safety”.

“The reason for the potential reduction in price of petroleum products when oil prices were below $ 10 per barrel or more (around us $ 20./bar., – ed.) was selected around 2 UAH/l”, – he told the website Today.

Deputy Director of the scientific-technical center Psyche Gennady Ryabtsev added that the economic grounds for the rise in price of gasoline and diesel fuel would be possible if the price now was 2 UAH/ liter less.

“New factors for price changes of gasoline and diesel has not appeared, so traders still choose the accumulated margin and not increase the price In other… in the Oil and gas Association of Ukraine has already stated that retail gasoline prices were reduced by the traders to the maximum. And as in the opt they are coming up the third week, then motorists should prepare for a rise in price of petrol too,” he said.


We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Ukraine the prices for liquefied gas used as automobile fuel.

At the same time, experts said that in Ukraine the prices of petroleum products continue to be dependent on two factors: the cost in the European market and the national currency. According to them, the demand for fuel in Ukraine may reach 40%.

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