Problematic “Euroblechs” are exported to Lithuania for sale

Problematic “Euroblechs” are exported to Lithuania for sale


This is done in order to avoid fines of 170,000 hryvnia. This is especially true for hybrid Eurobills.

Preferential customs clearance for Eurobills is valid until November 10, 2021. In 12 days (at the time of this writing) the police will be able to stop cars on European plates and issue a fine of UAH 8,500 to the Ukrainian driver. Also, the police will transfer the driver’s data to customs, where they can issue another fine in the amount of up to 170,000 hryvnia.

In addition to the obvious problems with the legality of documents for some “euro plates”, there is another problem. The fact is that a small percentage of cars with euro numbers are hybrids and they are not subject to preferential customs clearance. And it is economically impractical to clear such cars at full rate.

AEC has organized hybrid Eurobills for subsequent sale. For about $ 1300 ($ 1000 service cost + UAH 8500 fine), they promise to take the car to Lithuania and sell it there at the highest possible price. The AEC considers their offer to be profitable. After all, if you try to take out the Euroblyah yourself, then there is a great risk that instead of a fine of 8,500 hryvnias, a person will receive a fine of 170,000 hryvnias and the car will be detained. And even if it turns out to take the car out of Ukraine “without incident”, then there will be a problem with the entry into the EU, because almost all “Euroblasts” do not have a valid technical inspection. And even if it turns out to enter the EU, the owner will face a new challenge – to sell the car quickly and significantly cheaper, or to wait for the best offer and pay for his stay abroad.

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