Promised six months waiting: the release of the updated Tesla Model X postponed

Promised six months waiting: the release of the updated Tesla Model X postponed


Already ordered cars will arrive to customers no earlier than October, now you can order a crossover for the beginning of next year.

Following reports of the imminent start of deliveries of the updated Model S sedans, information appeared that the Model X crossover, on the contrary, was postponed. According to Teslarati, customers who ordered cars at the beginning of the year are now promised to deliver them only in October, and new orders are accepted for January-February 2022.

Production of the Tesla Model S and Model X was halted in December last year. At the very beginning of January, the company presented restyled versions of these models and promised to launch their production in the coming weeks.

However, the production of electric vehicles has not yet been established. The reasons for the delay are also not reported.

Initially, it was suggested that the problem was that the transition from vertical center displays to horizontal ones required a global software interface update for the restyled models, which turned out to be too crude and required a rework.

However, now this version seems unlikely. The fact is that the interfaces for the S and X models are identical, so if the sedan began production, there would be no problems with the simultaneous launch of the crossover.

Despite the company’s temporary lack of flagship models, Tesla continues to set sales records by ramping up production of the lower-cost Model 3 and Model X.

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