Promotion from BMW: free replacement of the V8 engine

Promotion from BMW: free replacement of the V8 engine


The German automaker has acknowledged the problems with the N63 engine and is ready for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

BMW intends to replace the V8 N63TU engines free of charge on six models from 2013 to 2019. The automaker is willing to compromise with disgruntled owners who have filed a class action lawsuit. On problem cars, the engine will be replaced free of charge, and in some cases BMW is ready to compensate part of the costs on a progressive scale.

The automaker acknowledged the problems of the N63 line of engines in 2014, when it became impossible to deny the increased oil consumption on the 4.4-liter units. Some owners of problem cars were unhappy with the proposed bonuses and a class action lawsuit was initiated against BMW in the United States.

The lawyers of the injured party demanded a total of $ 1.9 million from BMW, but now there is a possibility that the parties will be able to come to a peaceful resolution of the conflict. BMW can carry out up to three tests on oil consumption and offset the cost of purchasing lubricants. Defective motors can also be repaired once. If all these actions do not help, then the engine will be replaced with an upgraded one.

The program applies to the 4.4-liter engines that were installed on the 650i coupes and convertibles of 2013–2019, the 550i, 750i and 750Li sedans of 2013–2017, the 550i GT liftbacks of 2014–2016, crossovers X5 xDrive50i 2014-2018 and X6 xDrive50i 2015-2019. It is also worth noting that the engine will be replaced without additional payment only on cars for the US market that are under warranty or have driven less than 50 thousand miles (80.5 thousand kilometers).

For owners of cars with mileage from 50 to 120 thousand miles (from 80.5 to 193 thousand kilometers), there is a progressive scale. Owners of problem vehicles will be able to get a discount on engine replacement in the amount of 95% to 15%. The program will not apply to vehicles with mileage over 120 thousand miles (193 thousand kilometers) and more than 10 years old.

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