Prototypes of the new generation Toyota Yaris spotted at nürburgring race track

Prototypes of the new generation Toyota Yaris spotted at nürburgring race track

Journalists captured prototype Japanese compact car of next generation. According to the publication AutoExpress, the brand new Yaris will be presented in Japan at the upcoming motor show in Tokyo in October 2019.

In April of this year, the test prototype “Toyota Yaris” was caught during a race on the nürburgring in an unusual camouflage Gazoo Racing Masters of N?rburgring (GRMN), the same film was wrapped around the sports coupé Supra generation A90. It seems that at that time, the Toyota Yaris was in its present form.

A few moments ago, foreign publications has published “spy” photos from test drives Japanese news – this time at the nürburgring race track riding two prototypes of the Toyota Yaris.

It is reported that this is already production-ready samples of the Yaris next generation, and one of them is a more powerful version called Sport, and the other is a plugin-hybrid version.

Sports newspaper, Japanese cars got the wider rims of the wings and lower profile wheels. This prototype of the car covered with camouflage wrap Toyota GRMN, which tells us that this is a high-performance version of the machine. Another thing we noticed is the new gold discs, which differed greatly from the test mules spotted earlier. It’s hard not to notice the new grille, which has received the huge sizes.

Also noticed on the highway the hybrid performance of the Yaris next generation. The car has received another black-and-white camouflage film, but what made us believe that this hybrid variant is a yellow round sticker.