Published teaser Rezvani Tank 2020

Published teaser Rezvani Tank 2020

After the first Tank Rezvani debut in 2017, the California brand is now teasing a brand new version of its armored SUV 2020 model year.

If previous samples of the series went to the Jeep Wrangler JK generation, the last example uses a new chassis Wrangler JL.

“The idea was to offer a fresh design designed durable, off road vehicle, well muscled, well proportioned and absolutely new, the same exciting to the eye, as for driving,” said CEO Ferris rezvani in the new teaser.

The image shows that the novelty has received similar existing model design. Although these photos do not give a good idea of the bottom of the car, the roofline seems even more inclined than before, while the bonnet becomes even more complex.

Rezvani has published some specifications of its moeli. For example, Tank 2020 model year will receive a Fox Racing suspension.

Buyers can order an additional package of TANK X, which involves the installation of a 6.2-liter engine Hellcat V8, a supercharged Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Instead of the standard power 527 HP Rezvani upgrade the power plant to return more than 1000 HP

As another modification Rezvani will offer a version of Tank Military Edition, which will include protection against electromagnetic pulse military-grade.

According to the company, the package protects from electromagnetic radiation E1 which can occur during extreme event such as nuclear detonation; pulse E2, which is similar to the one that is created by lightning, and pulse E3, which occurs during solar flares.

This summer Rezvani will present his updated Tank 2020, and in winter will deliver. If someone wants to be first in line to get a new SUV, the company charges $ 2,500 for pre-order for the novelty.

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