Test drive the Ford F-250

Test drive the Ford F-250


You still doubt that all of these enormous numbers really necessary? But the Americans – not in the least on sales alone Ford F-Series in the United States alone every year aspire to a million pieces, though it did not reached between 2013 and 2016, they increased from 760 to 820 thousand copies, and in 2017 altogether amounted to 900 thousand. And now, when the popularity of full-size pickups supported by the facts, let’s see what they have earned.

American size

Even living in the United States, it is impossible to rid yourself of the thought “what is he still a hefty” personal acquaintance. The second is the same banal thought: “cool.” By the way, about it, and in confirmation of the notorious popularity is the fact that a week with the machine, I more often heard the phrase, “Oh, cool truck!”, than when I was driving a sports or luxury cars. National recognition, the people’s love.

Test drive the Ford F-250

Test drive the Ford F-250Test drive the Ford F-250Test drive the Ford F-250

Test drive the Ford F-250Test drive the Ford F-250Speaking of “more,” we mean not only the size. More precisely, not only the size of the body.

Aluminum body structure (while maintaining a steel frame) that Ferdowsi introduced with the change of generations in 2015, brings us into the 21st century. Giant diesel 6.7 liter brings us back to an age when to carry cargo in huge pot, it was necessary continually to throw the coal. Imagine how many here… no, not the horsepower – thrust? No, not really. And it here 1 268 Newton meters. At 450 horsepower. And pull those 450 horses, open to all your ideas. For example, if you find a trailer weighing 8 tons – please grab and go. The body also can be at ease to throw half a ton.

As more “working” and productive version of the F-250 discards any “half measures” that is available for younger F-150. No, the 2.7 EcoBoost or 3.5-liter, five-liter V8, and even left out. All laid on the altar of simplicity, reliability, and performance: the base gasoline 6.2-liter V8 are so overworked that they have kept the design with a single camshaft in the cylinder head and two valves per cylinder. But still, buying a pickup truck for the long term and with big plans, you’ll want to pay 9 000 for a diesel – not so much for economy, but for the sake of seldom stop at a gas station.

Test drive the Ford F-250

Test drive the Ford F-250Test drive the Ford F-250Test drive the Ford F-250Test drive the Ford F-250

… if possible

It should sound full phrase to purchase the F-250. After that anything does not deny, need to be ready to pay for it. Don’t be fooled by the base price tag of $ 33,000 for the base car is a pickup truck with single row cabin, rear-wheel drive, short wheelbase, and thereby gasoline engine of 6.2 liters, which asks supplements more often than your three-month-old son. And even 9,000 for diesel engine is just the beginning.


Our performance Platinum with all-wheel drive has dragged on for twice that amount – $ 72,000. And this is not the limit – for example, Limited with the same long-wheelbase, as we have already up to 80,000. In a moment: for 83 100 can buy a basic “seven” BMW. But it is not the lane with a trailer, improved bodywork finishes, state of the coupling device for heavy trailers, a provisioning package for the installation of the site, retractable rear view mirrors and back foot pegs. And if so, who needs it?

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