Put up for sale 33-year-old BMW E30 for the price of a new crossover

Put up for sale 33-year-old BMW E30 for the price of a new crossover


At auction Classic Car Auctions that will take place in the UK at the end of March, sell the coupe BMW E30 M3 sample 1987. The vehicle according to preliminary estimates will cost future owner in 51-58 thousand dollars.

The car was brought to the UK from Japan in 2015. Mileage coupe for all 33 years of operation reached 58 966 kilometers during the last four years that the car is in the UK, he drove a total of 400 kilometers.

Have tendered M3 extensive service history in the Japanese workshop, and he recently underwent an extensive restoration in one of the UK’s largest services. The wheel of this BMW on the left side, despite the fact that he came from Japan and is now in the UK.


In Classic Car Auctions stated that coupe “the jaw-dropping”. The organizers of the auction said that the car received the highest rating for cars that have been in use, not to move only on the transporters.

The body of the car painted black, and the interior is also covered in black leather. In the engine compartment is a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission. When this unit was new at the peak he gave out about 200 horsepower.

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In July last year at the auction exhibited another classic BMW body E28. It was a car with the right wheel and one of the two copies in the world, which was painted in a special color from the BMW Individual catalog.

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