Put up for sale a rare pre-war pickup Gas

Put up for sale a rare pre-war pickup Gas


Put up for sale the rare prewar pick-up from domestic companies GAS – model М415. The car, which next year will celebrate 80 years, is estimated at 31 200 dollars.

Pickup was produced for only three years – from 1939 to 1941, inclusive, only managed to release 5383 instance. Production had to stop because of the outbreak of the war, because it destroyed most of the models produced, which was sent to serve at the front.

For sale, a copy was published in 1940 – that is, in 2020, the truck will celebrate its 80th anniversary. Despite the age, the car retains some original details. For example, М145 still equipped with the “native” engine and gearbox and has a front axle beam and rear axle.


The car was powered by the same engine as the GAZ-M1: 3.3-liter petrol engine capacity of 50 horsepower. In a couple of his established three-speed manual transmission. In the cab of a pickup truck can accommodate two people, and another six can sit on the folding benches.

As told by the owner of the car portal Drom, the car is completely ready for further restoration. He has already restored the frame and fenders and cargo bed the seller made for factory drawings.

The current owner appreciated the GAS-М145 31 $ 200. According to him, in the garage, he has two copies of pickups that he is also ready to sell. But as they lose for sale instance.

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