Put up for sale the 11-meter limousine pickup Dodge

Put up for sale the 11-meter limousine pickup Dodge


The Facebook platform Marketplace, there was an announcement about the sale Dodge Ram 2500 1998, which someone turned into a limo. In such cases, “stretching” of the car adds additional axis to the body sags. But in this case, the unnamed master had decided to go the easy route and left everything as it was.

In the photos attached to the ad, you notice that the car really bend under the weight of the body. However, the machine is on the move – in motion 11-meter limousine leads vosjmimetrovaya V10 engine. You can buy a car with only seven thousand dollars.

For this amount you get a hybrid pickup truck, and a limousine equipped with a Minibar, a mirror on the ceiling and an impressive stereo system. However, the salon is not in the best condition – the mats are covered with a layer of sand, and the seats need cleaning.


Recently in the US there were recommendations for limousine service from American National Council for transport safety (NTSB). In particular, the owners of such vehicles are asked to equip all passenger seat belts and check the mounts themselves to chairs, particularly non-standard. And suspension and brakes in turn should be designed for increased size and weight of the car.

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