Quadski vs Alfa Romeo 4C

Quadski vs Alfa Romeo 4C


Hammond and Clarkson battle along the shores of Lake Como, Hammond in the new Alfa Romeo 4C, and Clarkson on a quad bike – which also happens to turn into a jet ski. Clip taken from series 21, episode 2.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

to be driving something narrow and had like a bus right here time press on get this straight I’m wearing a wet one search of the middle late I’m mr. Darcy come on slow down a bit hello where are you coming to my left how can you beat a man that what what do you on is that the same quad it certainly is I’m afraid of us now say goodbye he can just go straight across the lake now I’ve got to go all the way down the bottom here and back up the other side I’m gonna lose this and he’s gonna do his stupid smug face spurred on by the horror of his face I put the hammer down come on little Alfa we were neck-and-neck but then Jeremy got distracted by an Italian fairy sorry Linda Bugsy oh come on I can’t lose this by this stage only disentangled myself from the hydrofoil but had run into another problem Lake Como’s weird wings the vicious Shah had put Hammond back in the lead we have to beat him thankfully on the lake I’d found caramel water well back in this fight there is that is Richard no it certainly seemed that way because pretty soon the hotel was in sight so I was definitely going to win this but then I realized the victory would be a bit Hollow obviously I want to beat haven’t course I do but I don’t want to beat that out for a Mayo because to me alphas are special they’re really special this is a bit like having a running race with you four year old son yes of course he could live but you don’t really want to it’s not far now little of I think we have to accept the inevitable in a few minutes Anand would arrive and see my Quadski moored alongside the hotel’s jetty damn and blast I’m gonna win this nothing I can do but then I spotted a hidey hole sometimes I staggered even myself like genius I’m so sorry right where is he this is the terrace appear movie do you know he no here I don’t know how what I’ve done his win that little Alfa nahi I don’t see Ron await me fair and square I did you know I could have bought a better million pounds when I overtook him I was gonna win you

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