“Quartet”: the first images and premiere date

“Quartet”: the first images and premiere date


Already after a few hours will be the online premiere of the updated BMW 5 and 6 series. Press release on the upcoming event, led us on a special page for translation, where we found a tiny teaser of the new coupe 4-series. It will also debut exclusively in digital format, and is now known premiere date – June 2. Accordingly, only one week left of expectations.


From the point of view of the design of the new coupe special riddle is no longer a giant grid, shown on last year’s Concept 4, will appear on the production model. Technically the fourth series once again follows the third, though this time the buyers promised to maximally separate these two lines.

Until the end of the year, the change of generations will survive the convertible 4-series, and 2021-m will be released and the new Gran Coupe. Also in 2021-m will debut a fully electric sedan i4 – the latter is expected to be even more powerful than the M4.

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