Race: BMW X5 vs. bullets. Who will win? (video)

Race: BMW X5 vs. bullets. Who will win? (video)


Published by group video is called The Race, that is, “Race” (how can you not remember the famous TV series The Hire), but on a normal race happening a little like. Starring in this duel is played armored BMW X5 Protection VR6 and a bullet fired, judging by some of the nuances of either a sniper rifle or from a Kalashnikov.

Just leave a bullet like this “x-fifth” for obvious reasons can’t. It is officially claimed maximum speed is 210 km/h and a bullet from an AK-47 at the muzzle is moving with a velocity of 715 meters per second, or 2500 km/h. Therefore, the armored car in the story short, after several fruitless attempts to escape prefer to meet danger face to face, with a slightly predictable ending.


An armored variant of the BMW X5 is an official modification, that collect the joint efforts of American and Mexican factories. It was built on the basis of the X5 M50i with 530-horsepower 4.4-litre V8, but thanks to various tweaks, the SUV can not only withstand fire from AK and the explosion of hand grenades and 15 kilograms of explosives (TNT) – though at a distance of not less than 4 feet. This X5 weighs more than 3 tons, but able to dial 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, which is only half a second slower than the standard crossover with this motor.

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