Race of generations – old McLaren P1 or the new McLaren Senna

Race of generations – old McLaren P1 or the new McLaren Senna


Judging by this race between the British supercars, hybrid McLaren P1 is faster compared to the latest McLaren Senna, which uses the gasoline motor.

McLaren presented supercar Senna in December 2017 as the third model of their racing series Ultimate Series, which previously was only F1 and P1. However, the new supercar has not been presented as the direct successor to the iconic hybrid P1 supercar since it has a slightly different architecture than the “hybrid” beast – its engine running only on gasoline. We are talking about a 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8, which is assisted by well-designed aerodynamics McLaren Senna, which affects acceleration and maximum speed of the car.

A new video shows the difference between Senna and P1 in the race in a straight line.

The video begins with a race between Italian Lamborghini Aventador SVJ and the British Senna, and the latter easily wins. Next is the first race McLaren P1 vs Senna, and although the camera isn’t showing us both cars early in the race, some of the comments under the video suggest that the driver of the hybrid P1 started a bit early, which then affects the results in.


In the second duel between the two McLaren traced the same history – we can see only Senna, but it was probably more “fair” starting the race. However, the hybrid P1 is much faster, and that would be a great surprise, given the advanced aerodynamics of Senna.

What is the moral of the story? The McLaren P1 is still a powerful car to be reckoned with and this despite the fact that its production ended in 2015. Of course, we don’t know whether to use the driver P1 control function start (launch control), but supercar Senna starts without this system in all three races. We would like to see two cars arguing with each other when they are to pilot more experienced drivers using run control. Who knows, the results could be completely different.

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