Race to the source of the Nile Africa Special

Race to the source of the Nile Africa Special


The boys race for immortality, knowing only to well that only one man will be remembered for discovering the true source of the river Nile. Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

but OA warning lights come on say my car needs service we were now in the area where the sauce should be so we needed to go off-road to find it somewhere I’ll get close as the plane opened out we realized that in normal racing people tend to know where the finish line is which way which way but we have to rely on intelligence and coming right trees trees all growing along a little valley that can only meet you River that is a valley I’m not heading down into there the source of the Nile isn’t gonna be in a valley a pail you see uphill is good totally lost my bearings here totally lost hang on a minute boo this looks this looks like a streamer it’s going down in that way so follow it up and the source is in those rocks has to be poor yeah rocks many rocks that is the sort of magical place I anticipate finding the source of the Nile there’s a bit they’re moving so it’s that way right here we go it’s gotta be this way and Clarkson clearly has the same idea and so did Hammond can you imagine children of the future learning in history lessons about Sir Richard Hammond nobody wants to recover because only one of us could achieve immortality in the history books things soon got a bit ugly properly in my way I know how I can get Hammond out of my way oh god no on Genesis in him sadly though Genesis didn’t work so around it oh I’m in the knead again No whoa this Volvo is so far as colleagues comfort zone I go down in history everything tells me this is it’s the highest ground for miles around I’ve got to be in there it’s got to be in there Oh but the candy no more than a few hundred meters now we can afford to take a few knocks whoa James your suspension has collapsed your back wheel is coming up I’m not joking the cars collapsed and going on foot as now were Richard nigh and then I rope your friend I’ll tell you what it’s like it’s geology Jeremy geology what have we got here we got bedrock we’ve got the ground as sunk down indicating the presence of a spring in my mind lizards look at it a stream has done this but where’s the source this has been wet wait this is Sookie this is soggy this could be a stream it is a stream I’m walking up it is Hammond is not having this it goes downhill that doesn’t mean it starts at the top wait wait is it no hear that yes yes sorry mate that was close huh bird well done that is the source of the River Nile I’m going to put my finger in it excuse me that is the root of civilization that narrative ancient Egyptians no not my finger the water that’s going to nourish the Sudan Egypt Greece Italy Spain Morocco Algeria that water is the lifeblood of all of it all of it so that is the undisputed source of the River Nile that is the man who found it and somewhere way down there is the ruined Volvo that brought him here we now have to claim this this little pond for Top Gear so just bear with me chaps why is the Top Gear flag slightly bigger than the Union flag yes that’s correct have you got this the right way up this time so we don’t get so here’s what I’m suggesting chaps we plant the flags and then we do what all the great Victorian explorers did is pose for a photograph by our discovery yes you

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