Racing Brabus 6×6 G-Wagon’s!

Racing Brabus 6×6 G-Wagon’s!


I’m visiting The Luxury Auto Collection in Scottsdale, Arizona; one of the biggest supercar dealerships in the USA! My friend RD races me in the 6×6 Brabus 700 G-Wagon and got me on the phone with Floyd Mayweather!Check out their incredible collection for sale on:www.luxuryautocollection.comFollow us by:Light – KVFrancois F – Move on

what’s up guys it’s difficult on the N I’m in beautiful sunny lot Arizona and I’m only here for one reason and I’m only here for 24 hours nuts to see one of the most talked-about car collections in the USA we’re gonna go and check it out now oh my god you’re eating me welcome yeah all right that is so cool I didn’t know I’d be seeing a 6×6 today that’s all so we have to the highway yeah that’s a black Yolo drive us back to the office so look at all the cacti yeah it’s so cool you know you’re in the desert is the ancient Braavos on this one as well is it just again it’s a for-profit 700 putting exhaust so is there a reason you’re in to six by sixes you know they’re they’re very hard to get in the u.s. back home where you guys live it’s a lot easier to get them and it’s because they made them for Europe in Dubai so to have them here it takes about six months to bring it into the country you have to do a petition through Washington DC to make it street-legal on the road in all 50 states here yes a hangar full of literally a hangar like this is how it started they just bought a hangout it was completely empty it was like yeah I better fill this hang on the cause and it just went from there so 200 cars are here we’re gonna have a look around today there’s a p1 like right there good evening oh wow I mean I’ve seen sure it was right but I haven’t seen it shown her in like this this is so cool it’s literally in the middle of the desert in Arizona I had no idea that you know Arizona was such a big car community but I’ve just learned today that it is so you can literally buy any of these just walk in and like go for it go window shopping or actually buy something this is exciting look at axiom got the demon wow it’s like going into like fashion Avenue into buy more except you don’t seem like the gucci no Louie Vuitton you just see every high-end car brand there is in the world yeah yeah have now all of that are green Beast oh my god what am I gonna put my order in for you’re gonna stop me like never I wasn’t there it’s brand new it’s a six of this fix Hennessy this car one truck of the year at SEMA last so while Tennessee done to it what’s the deal the engine upgrades obviously added the six wheels that really turning drive so it makes a lot 600 horsepower and weighs just a little bit more than your factory Raptor so if we couldn’t compare this to your team Bravo 700 there’s six by six and if you put that next to each other put them in a straight line we actually did that we did a six by six comparison this truck is a little bit faster so when the 6×6 came out is like $600,000 but because they made so few of them obviously as soon as that hit the marketer was like a million bucks and then to get it road-legal for the US which I had no idea apparently they have massive like safety restrictions and you have to fully like convert the car another three hundred thousand dollars just to do that and then to make it robbers another three hundred doesn’t tell us on top of that and then of course because it’s so rare we’re talking like over two million dollars first six five six here Wow well that’s really pretty you’re gonna get anything makes such a difference with the sound it’s incredible like listen to the difference now you’re going to turn it it’s off now right this is that now because you can actually activate the the exhaust so this is without activation all right now we’re gonna add serve eight the brothers exhaust all right go for it yes you see what I mean yes well with that’s music where’s the fridge oh you’ve gotta have your brother shot glasses no no my six is complete without your brother shot glass oh my god so where’s the fridge component it’s in here is it well you can’t take warm shots you gotta have Cola in order to do that you need your brother’s refrigerator oh my god equip for a bottle of Dom P or whatever you prefer this is cool oh my god it does take a whole bottle huh so you put your bottle on the left your flutes on the right yep so you fleets just sit here yeah apparently an Arizona it’s it’s legal to drink and drive right drinking drive it’s for your passengers you have your brothers cup holders just for the passing and then you have your brothers shotgun so if you were driving with passengers and they had a dome parrying you’re here in the back driving through Arizona without me okay without that is also illegal haul but you would need a partition here so we got to sell this car outside of Arizona this Gallardo belongs to Jamie Foxx that’s pretty cool we’re in the US I love it webs everywhere Wow so this is one of the firsts this is one of the first really so you’re telling me that if I hang out here long enough Jamie Foxx will walk through the door at one point he has actually yes he’s been here a few times and he was just recently look how shiny they are oh my god do you think you keep your rims in this good condition that’s crazy well I can smell his Cologne there man look at this p1 oh we gotta start this off so so what’s it’ll add was owning this one just make it all mine white p1 with very low miles that’s in and that’s in our inventory very special cars that’s a bargains y’all sound like you know what’s going for around you know your two mill well we can take premise but we’re gonna have to check your credit first it’s like magic I just had a key in my hand suddenly they keep appearing okay ready all right [Laughter] John I’ll swap you my shoes for your watch I promised a real diamond yeah John it’s bling for bling bling for bling I like it I think it’s a fair trade really you know there Kyle what’s the secret to like cleaning in the right way with these right yeah you gonna put the towel are you gonna flip the challenge that’s a secret yeah you do a 50/50 overlap pattern oh wait wait did you hear that a 50/50 overlap pattern I had no idea it was this technical yeah just like painting that’s how you your windows okay and then you flip to the dry side yeah you do the same thing you know a 50/50 overlap pattern you want to go with the airpo gonna go with the airflow yeah okay it’s like if scratches are going this way yeah it’s a lot harder to tell right there going yeah good cool I’ve never thought about before I’ve never cleaned a Bugatti in my life so this is a yeah fifty/fifty I don’t know you do for Danielle’s do a 4951 see where he notices yeah oh that’s a 4649 what’s she doing wrong can you just say straight out no no she’s doing all right really except you forgot the rule we gotta flip your toe I knew you’re blond oh that one oh no no yeah I think that’s a polar spray over here you did a review in Abu Dhabi right when it first came yeah yeah never seen one now outside the show that’s why I have no muscles in my arms that’s it and that’s pretty much the review of the car that’s it thanks for watching thanks very much with Dharmakara see you yeah watch the review on the phantom that I’ve got on YouTube do you see this McLaren line you know it’s a Ferrari going back than a McLaren line and then Rhino cool and you just drove that so you need to like drive it in a little bit first before we can activate the demon mode that’s right that’s right it’s actually just past that it has six hundred miles that’s just possible also no that’s great that means straight for demon so do people actually just fly in to look at the cause and then they’re like we we do about 80% of our business over there really so seventy eighty percent of our business is how to stay most of clients they honestly don’t even come back Wow yeah and that’s just because they trust you guys reputation online reputation price presentation nor our guys here very you know you’ve got a hundred pictures of the car yeah you’ve got videos you know exactly what’s you know exactly you but what about me like if I’m living in Dubai and I see something online that I want and how long will it take me to get it and it’s just funny to say that just we just saw the gt3 over to divide about about two weeks ago yeah ship to the port in New Jersey manufactured here in the US it’s called the Rhino GX so this is 265 thousand euros or it’s built on a Ford f-450 chassis yeah very spacious and everybody asks is it bulletproof yeah it’s not it just used the image of don’t touch me yeah I think I’ll leave you alone especially and turn on the big spotlights up there yeah what for for its other suspension it’s really really made for independent so it knows when your weight goes they wouldn’t do it for me that’s cheating cheating so the bugatti is just being sold we’re gonna load it up in the in the truck out there tinted these windows are saying like that’s crazy that we got to see you know the regarding just being sold and shipped off and said it’s nothing we’d like do a hundred cars month we promise you the scene was not staged they do in fact sell cars all right we’re moving out we have picked a couple of the beasts and we’re gonna go for a bit of a spin we’re in Scottsdale it’s like they described it was like the Beverly Hills of of Arizona oh yeah I love the GT so I’m gonna go into why Ron ah Jedi wire ah never heard of that one before but looks good – what’s your name quick white bucks there we go gonna line up both 6×6 in the forum down what do you think okay let’s do it so it’s Rd versus blondie if you’re racing Rd for the g-wagen right guys this is a serious race here are you ready to win zippy when you get this G Wagen right oh yeah yeah party is serious right would you say the same way same way but he really wanted the red one for some reason I think it’s dodgy something I got beat by a Bloggs girl I’m not happy at all what happened you want yeah he wasn’t happy what’s that so we’ve just got super car Blondie’s surfboard in our custom carbon five personnel wonderful nursery auto collection Wow it’s a PDA night sir does it have an issue put this in your officer so anyone would be crazy enough to buy this and then surf with it were they this is just for looks yeah then it’s perfect for me that’s Rd right next to Floyd his friend moneywe waiter he called me this morning you can do this necklace pick up Jim we’re film we’re filming a segment with supercar blondie she wants to say hello was it okay she says hello what’s up I’m just filming you and my stories man say hi nice to meet you show me you that’s it guys and that’s the vlog please like and subscribe I’ve hope you’ve loved Arizona just as much as I have thanks Artie for showing us around luxury auto collection LA and also la see Scottsdale so incredible

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