Racing hatchback Hyundai received a 390-horsepower engine

Racing hatchback Hyundai received a 390-horsepower engine


At the exhibition in Los Angeles has officially unveiled the mid-engined prototype of Hyundai, which has received factory index RM19. According to the manufacturer, the model can accelerate from zero to 97 kilometers per hour in less than four seconds.

Prototype sports car equipped with two-liter “turboservice”, the ultimate capacity of which reaches 390 horsepower. Paired with her working a six-speed sequential gearbox, driving the rear axle.

In the current performance of the experimental prototype can sprint from a standstill to 60 mph (97 kph) in less than four seconds. In the future, the developers want to retrofit it to a hybrid setup, which will help the turbo in the first seconds after start and will improve dynamics.

The sports division of the company has been working on creating a racing hatchback. The first prototype part no rm14 (Racing Midship) introduced in 2014 – the concept was to reach 100 kilometers per hour in 4.7 seconds.


Last modification index RM16 appeared in 2016, the engineers modified the prototype differential lock, rear spoiler with electric and exhaust system with active valves.

The company does not abandon the idea to release the production version of the prototype, but no specific information regarding the approximate timing of the start of production does not provide.

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