Raize Toyota compact SUV: first photos

Raize Toyota compact SUV: first photos


The Network has revealed a new budget SUV Toyota. The first model will be Japanese, but “exclusive” she will not.

Last week at the motor show in Tokyo debuted a small crossover Daihatsu brand is owned by Toyota. The harbinger of this SUV – concept Daihatsu DN Trec – showed a couple of years ago. And this summer appeared information about the fact that the parent company is also preparing for the premiere of a cross, created in cooperation with Daihatsu. Now the Network has posted images with the new Toyota: they were published in your Twitter user under the name teppei, obviously, it is the scanned pages of the brochure on the model.

Well, that is not the fantasy of “free artist” proves “live” photos of machines loaded on the truck, – the was available to the user sigeo. Incidentally, the latter also managed to photograph etc from Daihatsu: as expected, for cross revived the name Rocky (in Tokyo novelty introduced simply as “new SUV” and Rocky called compact frame SUV with permanent all-wheel drive, which produced in the 90-ies of the last century).


So, for the Japanese crossover Toyota called Raize, and he is actually the twin of the new Daihatsu Rocky, the only difference in the design front. So, Raize new radiator grille, horizontal led strips daytime running lights instead of vertical Rocky other lights. Feed new Toyota the same as analog from Daihatsu, replace only the emblem. The interiors of the cars too, most likely, identical. But for Toyota Raize provides several packages of improvements, including kits from court tuning Studio Modellista and TRD.

As previously reported, the basis of the Daihatsu Rocky is a platform DNGA (Daihatsu New Global Architecture) is a kind of TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture). The length of the Daihatsu model is 3995 mm, width – 1695 mm, height – 1620 mm, wheelbase is 2525 mm. From Raize probably similar dimensions.

Presented in Tokyo Rocky was front-wheel drive, with petrol “Turbotronic” 1.0 (98 HP, 140 Nm) and a CVT. But the Japanese media believe that the model will be offered with all-wheel drive. In addition, during the premiere of the concept DN Trec was announced about a hybrid setup based on the atmospheric engine 1.2 – it is possible that serial cross later will get this version. Toyota Raize, rather the same setup.


The official premiere of the new Toyota SUV is scheduled for 5 November. In the range of the brand Raize will be on the step below the C-HR, that would be the cheapest SUVs Toyota.

“Exclusive” to Japan Raize will not be – it is supposed that its release will establish in Brazil, where it will supply to other countries in South America. There the cross will compete with Hyundai and Nissan Creta Kicks. Chances and the appearance Raize in other regions.

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