Rally Car Vs Bobsleigh

Rally Car Vs Bobsleigh


Subscribe: In a battle of gravity vs motors, a rally car faces of against a bobsleigh in an ice race for the ages.Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. WATCH MORE: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Car Walkarounds:

this is Lillehammer in Norway the setting for the 1994 Winter Olympics it’s got one of the most formidable bobsleigh runs in the world a downhill course of twists and turns stretching for almost two kilometers even so a crack bobsleigh team can get down this run in just under a minute with the bobsleigh itself hitting 80 miles an hour that speed comes at a price for the passengers though because each member of the bobsleigh team is subjected to cornering forces of 5g that’s more than an f1 driver separate honestly to do this you’d have to be brave stupid or just desperate to get on the television so this is where I’ll be sitting here in the middle and to make things even more arduous we’re gonna have a race now we’ve come to Lillehammer because alongside the bobsleigh run we have this road they start in the same place they run down the hill and they finish in the same place the road is almost exactly the same length as the Bob run unlike the Bob run it’s slippery dangerous and full of difficult corns it requires a special vehicle so that’s what we’ve got it’s a Mitsubishi Evo World Rally Car with a 300 horsepower turbocharged engine four-wheel drive and studied tires so that’s the challenge can the rally car beat the bobsleigh I happen to think it can although Hammond tells me it definitely can’t now this is my bobsleigh run it starts out it Wiggles all the way down here and it finishes there and this is the road which is in green and it start turning it Wiggles all the way up there but it finishes in exactly the same place yes but here’s a point my bobsleigh can get from there all the way down to there in less than a minute you’ve had it but you see all you’ve got to take you from there to there is gravity yes that’s nothing well I’ve got 300 horsepower and a huge turbocharger and 420 spikes in each tire and gravity yes to get down there but my bobsleigh was custom-built for going on ice your cars had to be sort of adapting with clever tires instead you’re wearing tights yeah I can’t take lectures on physics from the man in tights I am aware dancing yes physics no the truth is though the bob is going to be hard to beat which kind of counts me out for driving the car so instead we’ve got Henning Solberg the Norwegian National Rally Champion the Bob slays chance of victory all depends on how good our start is that means intense preparation for me and the Norwegian Olympic bobsleigh team and while we practice running the driver visualizes the course in his head all of this provided much merriment for the bone idol may you wore me up yes I’m warming up as well to be honest I couldn’t see the funny side of it because I was really worried about letting the team anytime you lose here a second is multiplied by three at the bottom so there’ll be three seconds and I was also worried about whether my body would cope key thing is as you go into the corners to hold your breath to get as much breath in as you can because that actually holds your body I’ve been literally supports you when you’ve been subjected to g-forces in the corners apparently in a couple of places down there it hits six and a half g driver Tommy has been doing this six years in his three centimeters shorter can’t afford to lose three centimeters James was strapped in and I was ready to run our race rally driver could hardly speak any English but that didn’t stop James giving him a patronizing British pep talk by henning the reputation of internal-combustion resting on your shoulders and the next minute or so I was going to time the car with my trusty stopwatch and Hammonds Bob would be timed by the course officials this was it that’s a start to turn that’s it sir absence at 60 two kilometres on ice in a minute boys heading gotta do the Bob may have started slow but it was just getting faster and faster and these guys never use the brakes at midpoint 1000 meters in it was anybody’s guess Hennig was just awesome you can’t go this fast on ice he’s going to kill us 5960 did we win what did he do I’m broken what are we 1959-60 a god come on Kahn one minute two seconds I smell but in slow you up to my dad you did it that really wants something wholesome yes you you

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