“Rang-Royce”: HongQi preparing a new flagship

“Rang-Royce”: HongQi preparing a new flagship


The forerunner of this model was announced as an electric car, but the launch of the versions with internal combustion engines cannot be ruled out.

In concept index E115 new crossover Hongqi introduced last year, and in early April in the Internet appeared the first spy photos of serial incarnations, and they were sealed the car without camouflage. Now, on the forum of the Chinese edition Autohome has posted a batch of fresh images: it’s a disguised test samples, but they were photographed in full growth on all sides, whereas the previous frame was “fragments” of the profile and the stern.


Commodity Hongqi E115 generally retained the appearance of a prototype, so only the front of the cross does not look so futuristic: instead of thin led lines, he got a bunk head optics in the style of a sedan Hongqi H9. Well, both “Chinese” outwardly in common with the Rolls-Royce models, except more fashionable optics. We will remind, 2018 for the design of the car Hongqi meets Giles Taylor, former chief designer of the British luxury brand. However, the Chinese company he joined after there was presented the concept Hongqi E-Jing GT, which marked the beginning of a new corporate style of “premium” from China.

The concept of the cabin not shown, and the spy has not yet been possible to examine the interior in detail. It is not excluded that the serial crossover has received a virtual “clean-up”, combined with a large touchscreen multimedia system.

Crossover E115 built on a fresh platform of its own design of FAW group, which owns the brand Hongqi. Dimensions serial SUV is not yet known. Length last year’s prototype, according to Chinese media, is 5160 mm, width – 2000 mm, height – 1730 mm wheelbase 3250 mm. For comparison, the sizes of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan: 5341/2164/1835 mm, distance between axes – 3295 mm.

The concept was stated as a four-wheel drive electric car with air suspension and autopilot fourth level (that is, the part of the driver will be required only in difficult situations). How then assured the FAW, the first “hundred” car will have less than four seconds, its “range” of 600 km (in the company did not specify at what cycle was calculated reserve). Other details about the installation were not disclosed.

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We caught specimens do not see the exhaust pipes, and vertical wedges in the front might hide a “stub”. That is not excluded, that before us is really an electric car. If Hongqi decides to release another “traditional” version, E115, probably, will be equipped with petrol turbo engine V6 3.0, familiar H9 sedan and crossover HS7. On the “chetyrehdverki” engine, according to preliminary data, produces 272 HP and 400 Nm (officially is not declared, sedan preparing to enter the market), the HS7 – 337 HP and 445 Nm.


On sale large crossover Hongqi must be received before the end of this year. Outside of China premium sub-brand of FAW are not yet available. But the concern is likely considering the appearance of its expensive cars in export markets, not in vain after all, as the premiere platform for E115 concept was chosen the Frankfurt motor show (by the way, 2019 was the last exhibition in Frankfurt, it moved to Munich).

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