Range Rover, which is not afraid to swim (video)

Range Rover, which is not afraid to swim (video)


A video has been published on the Web in which a Range Rover Classic driver uses a homemade snorkel to cross the lake, completely submerging the SUV under water. At the same time, the owner of the car did not even close the windows, so at some point during the swim he had to take a breath of oxygen. Judging by the fact that the car continued its way without any problems on the other side, Range Rover went through a number of serious modifications.

Most SUV owners willingly test the capabilities of their vehicles in flooded areas or while crossing small streams. However, the owner of this five-door Range Rover Classic decided to swim across a full-fledged lake, the depth of which was in no way designed for the passage of a car. For full immersion, the SUV was equipped with a meter-long pipe, which served as a snorkel. In addition, the car has undergone a number of technical modifications, during which the Range Rover was sealed to the engine compartment and electrical wiring.

During the swim, all the windows, as well as the luggage compartment of Range Rover, remained open, so there was no question of the safety of the cabin. At the same time, when the SUV completely went under the water, the driver had to lean out of the window to breathe in air, and also check the direction of movement, because under water visibility is almost zero. As a result, the car successfully coped with the ordeal, driving to the opposite shore of the lake.

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In February last year, Adelaide police intended to prosecute an Australian blogger for dangerous driving a car filled with water. However, in order to prove his guilt, the guards were going to repeat this trick.

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