“Range-Royce X7” premium Chinese crossover without camouflage

“Range-Royce X7” premium Chinese crossover without camouflage


Apparently, the SUV has retained the concept of precursor – buyers will be offered a great electric car.

Last fall the Hongqi brand has unveiled a prototype electric cross under the index E115, and the world premiere was held in China and in Frankfurt (by the way, the year 2019 turned out to be the latter for exhibition in this city, it moved to Munich). The first pictures of the serial incarnation appeared in early April, the second batch arrived a couple of weeks. However, looking at old footage, it is impossible to fully appreciate the trademark design of the crossover: the photo with the SUV without camouflage have been “fragmented”, then the lens hit the car entirely, but the pasted film. And finally, the Chinese edition of Xcar published the most successful photographs.

Serial crossover Hongqi remained in the form of a harbinger, although the model does not look so futuristic. So, instead of thin led lines, cross got the bunk head optics in the style of a sedan Hongqi H9, and instead of the cameras mounted a conventional mirror. Well, both “Chinese” outwardly in common with the Rolls-Royce models, except more fashionable optics. Recall that in 2018 for the appearance of the car Hongqi meets Giles Taylor, former chief designer of the British luxury brand. However, to the Chinese company he joined after there was presented the concept Hongqi E-Jing GT, which marked the beginning of a new corporate style of “premium” from China.

According to preliminary data, the crossover is built on a fresh platform of its own design of FAW group, which owns the brand Hongqi. Dimensions serial SUV is still unknown. Length last year’s prototype, as reported by Chinese media, is 5160 mm, width – 2000 mm, height – 1730 mm wheelbase 3250 mm. For comparison, the sizes of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan: 5341/2164/1835 mm, distance between axes – 3295 mm.


The concept was buggy, the serial SUV, apparently, will also offer electrical installation: the machine at the recent photos on the front seems to be a stub for a grille, and “pipes” aft, apparently, fake. Details about the hardware yet. For the prototype Hongqi E115 was declared all-wheel drive, air suspension autopilot and the fourth level (that is, the part of the driver will be required only in difficult situations). How then assured the FAW, the first “hundred” car will have less than four seconds, its “range” of 600 km (in the company did not specify at what cycle was calculated reserve). The characteristics of the plant concept also not announced.

Meanwhile, if Hongqi still dare to release another “traditional” SUVs, this car may well get a petrol turbo 3.0 V6, familiar from the sedan and crossover H9 HS7. On the “chetyrehdverki” engine, according to preliminary data, produces 272 HP and 400 Nm (officially is not declared, sedan preparing to enter the market), the HS7 – 337 HP and 445 Nm.

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To the local dealers flagship cross needs to get in this year, the Chinese tipped him the name HS9. Outside of China premium sub-brand of FAW are not yet available, but the concern is likely considering the appearance of its expensive cars in export markets.

Also we invite you to watch the test drive Rolls-Royce Сullinan on our roads from the team InfoCar.ua:

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