Raptor at top speed: the Ford F-150 from MSA

Raptor at top speed: the Ford F-150 from MSA


American firm Mil-Spec Automotive (MSA), known modifications Hummer H1, moved on to the most popular in the U.S. pickup truck – Ford F-150. The SUV in the performance of MSA is reinforced suspension, appearance style pre-runner for desert racing and the initial price of 85 000$.

Pickup Ford F-150 by Mil-Spec is built by the same team that is working on restmode “hammer”. Therefore, between machines there is a certain similarity – at least in the stylistic decisions. Visually, this translates into extended front and rear fenders, beveled power bumpers and a different front part. Optional Baja Appearance package from MSA Design Works (of $ 8600) will add to the standard set roof rack with led spotlights, mounting for spare wheel and arc in the back.

In addition, in the Arsenal of the MSA has a set of Baja Suspension Package cost $ 6,000, which includes adjustable shock absorbers Fox 3.0 bypass valve and the external tank, reinforced steering rods, extra long driveshaft and brake lines. After these components are installed, move the front wheels increased to 279 mm and rear 305. Compared to Ford F-150 Raptor track extends to 183 mm (at 343 mm, if you measure the width of a normal F-150).


The ground clearance of Ford F-150 by Mil-Spec is 330 millimeters. The angles of entry and exit – 35 and 27 degrees, respectively.

Under the hood of a pickup truck mounted 5.0-liter “eight” with a cold intake and new buildings of the throttle plates , developing 507 horsepower. Box – 10-speed automatic with magnesium paddles. Wheel drive with two-speed transfer box. From a standstill to 60 mph (97 kilometers per hour) Ford F-150 by Mil-Spec accelerates in 5.7 seconds. Top speed is limited at around 177 kilometers per hour.

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The initial price of the truck is a 85 000 dollars. With all the options, the SUV will pull on 99 $ 600.

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