Raptor gave offspring: Ford introduced a bright and powerful Ranger

Raptor gave offspring: Ford introduced a bright and powerful Ranger


The Ford Ranger changed generation in November 2021, then they planned to show a high-performance version of the Raptor, but its premiere was postponed. The company has repeatedly published teasers, photo spies have also contributed to the disclosure of new items. Now the model is officially presented.

It was expected that the diesel unit would give way to the gasoline unit. And so it happened: a 3-liter V6 EcoBoost biturbo was prescribed in the engine compartment: in the Australian market and in South Africa, the pickup boasts 400 hp, and in Europe, due to strict emission regulations, the return had to be reduced to 288 hp. and 491 Nm, but still the “horses” came out more than its predecessor with 213 hp, although that thrust was 500 Nm. The transmission has a 10-speed automatic, and there is also an intelligent power distribution system with locking rear and front differentials.

There are seven driving modes: three normal (Normal, Sport and Slippery) and four off-road (Rock Crawl, Snad, Mud/Ruts and Low). In addition, the Raptor is equipped with Trail Control, an off-road cruise control that operates at speeds up to 32 km/h.

The ground clearance has been increased compared to the regular Ranger, but Ford has yet to release exact figures, as well as information about the angles of entry and the depth of the ford to be overcome. The frame is reinforced, the front suspension is on aluminum levers, and springs have appeared on the rear instead of springs. In addition, the rear axle has a Watt mechanism (reduces the lateral movement of the beam). The stock shocks have been replaced with a kit from Fox. Seventeen-inch wheels are shod with All Terrain off-road tires, although the brand did not specify the dimensions.

The novelty stands out with extended fenders, a radiator grille with a large Ford inscription, aluminum running boards, bumpers and underbody armor. All lighting equipment front and rear LED.

The interior features new sport seats, a steering wheel with Raptor lettering paddle shifters, ambient lighting and red accents. Gauges are displayed on a 12.4-inch screen, and the touchscreen of the infotainment complex with SYNC 4A stretches to 12 inches. The default speaker system is B&O with ten speakers.

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