Rare 30-year-old GMC SUV almost without mileage put up for auction

Rare 30-year-old GMC SUV almost without mileage put up for auction


A very rare 1993 GMC Typhoon is being auctioned at the Bring a Trailer auction. In total, the company produced 2,200 such SUVs, which differed in sporty chassis settings. The uniqueness of this lot is added by the fact that for almost 30 years of operation the car has traveled only 438 kilometers. The latest bid for the time capsule at the time of writing is $60,888.

The GMC Typhoon for sale is one of the last models to come off the assembly line. Such SUVs were distinguished by sports chassis settings, a reinforced anti-roll bar in front and pneumatic elements to maintain ground clearance in the rear. In addition, the cars were equipped with modified brakes, 16-inch wheels and an aerodynamic package. The interior of the SUV is made of genuine black leather. The equipment of the model includes cruise control, air conditioning and an audio system with a CD player.

Under the hood of the Typhoon is a 4.7-liter turbocharged V6 engine that produces 285 horsepower. Paired with this unit is a four-speed automatic transmission, an all-wheel drive system and a limited slip differential on the rear axle. The SUV could accelerate to “hundreds” in 5.3 seconds, which is comparable to the dynamic characteristics of sports cars of those years.

The last bid for the rare GMC Typhoon reached $60,888, but the auction is still three days away.

Last October, General Motors Design posted an image of a 2018 GMC concept that never saw the light of day on social media. The prototype was a crossover with a sporty design.

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