Rare Ferrari for 540.000 UAH

Rare Ferrari for 540.000 UAH


On eBay there was an announcement for the sale of a very cheap Ferrari – this is a 308 GT4 of the 1978 model, for which the seller from the UK asks for only 15 thousand pounds (less than $ 20,000). And there are reasons for this low cost. The sports car is in a terrible state and has even been named “the rusted Ferrari in the world” by YouTube blogger Number 27. In addition, the car has no engine.

The body of the 43-year-old car rusted from front to stern, and in some places impressive holes formed from corrosion. The interior with blue upholstery is slightly better preserved: the original steering wheel and seats are visible inside, but it looks badly shabby and requires expensive restoration. At the same time, the coupe’s mileage is relatively small – about 70 thousand kilometers.

The 308 GT4 does not have an engine: it is noted that it was retrieved and refurbished, but sold separately. The five-spoke wheels are in the best condition, which may be useful to owners of the less rusty 308 GT4.

The seller addresses the ad to fans of the brand from Maranello, who have extra funds to deal with the restoration of the coupe, or offers to simply put it “in a glass window and admire it” as an art object. The second scenario is quite real: this is how, for example, the fate of the crashed Ferrari Dino GT4, which was sold in 2013 at a contemporary art exhibition for 181,185 euros.

Introduced in 1973, the 308 GT4 was a landmark for Ferrari: it was the first sports car to have a V8 behind the seats, and the first car to be styled by Bertone rather than Pininfarina.

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