Rare Lamborghini Countach sold disassembled


A very unusual lot was put up for sale on the website of the British auction house Historics – this is a 1982 Lamborghini Countach, which is sold disassembled.

The rarest Lamborghini Countach LP500 S was prepared for restoration, but the process stopped halfway. The current owner purchased the vehicle in 2000 and has kept it in good condition. The sports car even made the cover of a Lamborghini book called The Spirit of the Bull. In addition, the car became the hero of the plot of the British automobile show “The Fifth Gear”. The LP 500S version differs from the standard Countach with a more powerful engine and interior design. A total of 321 cars of this design were produced.

In 2004, the owner refurbished the car’s 12-cylinder engine, as evidenced by invoices from Lamborghini London, and the suspension was rebuilt in the following years. Already in 2008, the owner wanted to restore the body for which the car was dismantled.

The body was prepared for repainting, but the company rebuilding the car suddenly closed. The car remained in a semi-disassembled state, although new body elements were purchased for assembly. The owner claims that the disassembled Countach comes with everything you need to complete the restoration.

Experts believe that a supercar with a mileage of 62 thousand kilometers can be auctioned off for 145-180 thousand pounds, which is about 200-250 thousand dollars. The cost of the assembled car can reach 342 thousand dollars.

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