Rare universal BMW M5 with the McLaren engine, which nobody knew

Rare universal BMW M5 with the McLaren engine, which nobody knew

Unusual car served as a test mule for a 618-horsepower motor. The car was built in the early 1990’s and have never been shown to the public.

Automakers are constantly making test prototypes, in preparation for the launch of any new models, but among them there are some absolutely unique instances. And many of them, the General public knew nothing about.

For example, in the podcast Collecting Cars former McLaren Director David Clark told Top Gear presenter Chris Harris about the unique universal generation BMW M5 E34 with a V12 engine from the coupe the McLaren F1.

Because the 6.1-liter engine for the supercar was developed by the German carmaker, he needed a car to test the unit. In the end, the 618-HP engine installed in the prototype in the back of the usual “sports” wagon.

BMW at the time was released a sedan E32 7 Series and E31 8 Series coupe with a V12 engine, but the unit for F1 had little or nothing to do with the motor, so the tests needed to make a special car.

According to Clark, at the end of the test programme the prototype was not destroyed and is still kept in the vaults of BMW – the car was never shown publicly of its existence before the release of the podcast knew very few.

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