Re-invented … the turbocharger: a new development by Mercedes-AMG

Re-invented … the turbocharger: a new development by Mercedes-AMG


ETurbo technology directly borrowed from Formula 1 will soon try on some production model.

To implement the idea, which is already applied in the big racing, the production car engineers of the Far helped the specialists of the famous company Garrett Motion. The main task facing the technicians was the same minimization “turboyamy” in possible reduced energy cost.

As officially declared, the highlight of the technology eTurbo will be a miniature electric motor (dimensions of about 40 millimeters), are integrated directly into the turbocharger, and located on its shaft. The task of the motor – preemptively spin the compressor before it will do the exhaust stream.

The electric motor can accelerate the compressor up to 170 thousand rpm and it will work from an onboard 48-volt system. It is argued that this technology will significantly improve engine response to the accelerator pedal throughout the Rev range, from idle, as they are able to maintain a constant boost pressure, and will increase the amount of traction on the bottoms. In the end, the management of AMG sports cars will become more emotional.


“This is a good example of technology transfer from Formula 1 to road cars, the technology that will allow us to bring the turbo up to never before seen levels,” – said the head of Mercedes-AMG Tobias Moers.

Stated that the eTurbo technology will soon be applied to a production AMG models, but it is not specified which. However, the assumption that a compressor installed on the engine updated Mercedes-AMG E 63, which will premiere in the next few hours, it looks too bold. Most likely, the innovation will save for members of a particularly hardcore line of Black Series.

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