Reacting to $200 Home-Made Ferrari!

Reacting to $200 Home-Made Ferrari!


This home-made Ferrari was built by a few mates in Vietnam. They created it with just $200 in two weeks. They even made scissor doors! Many of the parts were taken from bicycles to make the car. Hell of a job guys! Check out NHẾT TVFollow me on:

what’s up guys at supercar blondie we got some good stuff today just heading into the weekend you’re gonna love this that is so amazing so these are a group of mates in Vietnam who came together to make this Ferrari but not if I could catch on that’s actually harder to do than building the Ferrari so cost them $200 over a period of two weeks to build this car this is the price Oh nice gold wins drive it to the club at night you know that is awesome we can’t forget the brake lights on a Ferrari oh my god guys they have well these guys are really innovative rear view camera look at the head to look at the steering wheel its bicycle hand boss oh my god they’ve thought of everything they bicycle very whack guys the doors even go up did he just Kickstarter Ferrari this gets better and better look at the nice Ferrari badge on the side look he’s just as excited as I am you can’t believe it stop it that is mad guys the doors even go up if you can call them doors hey they seem to work yeah that looks safe look at the little bicycle tires running on that is so amazing I see the front kind of looks like a laferrari I see what you’re going for there nice job Wow that was awesome guys you rock I can’t believe you pulled that off maybe that should be my next car a $200 laferrari from vietnam kudos to you guys for putting in the time and the effort to create something that good um can’t believe it actually right at the end please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet give it a quick thumbs up check out yet TV they’ve got so much other cool stuff for you to see that’s it we’ll catch you in the next vid bye

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