Real Life Iron Man Garage

Real Life Iron Man Garage


This is one of the coolest high end car garages and bachelor pad’s hidden away somewhere in Switzerland. Iron Man himself would definitely approve!Thanks to the owner for showing us.

behind these doors is the most amazing car garage you will ever see come watch this i’ve got the magic key ready boom here we go how impressive is that you guys now come with me over here is something you’ve never seen before in a private garage this is super cool we’re gonna come back to all these cars don’t worry i’m not ignoring them okay you ready are you ready for this okay stand back stand back guys it’s gonna go all the way up fingers we’ve got waterfalls of smoke here now this isn’t finished yet let’s go upstairs and i’ll show you what’s up there come with me this is the coolest bachelor pad ever you’ve got your spinning piston right there that’s what you saw rise from the bottom now in here something super cool where have you ever seen a bathtub like this all marble with ferrari rolls royce all of the brands actually engraved into the marble in here as well and your sinks i mean come on how cool is that mercedes-benz ferrari again all right out here you have a ferrari book look how this opens cool cool very very cool now over here the car is lowering again now you can actually walk around the car you’ve got a see-through walkway so you can look at all the other cars you can place any car you want to on this table and it can be raised up and you can look at it through the living room which is so cool security guard of course all the way around guys go on how cool is this where have you ever seen this before you’ve got a lego bugatti so cool porsche over there and imagine just hanging out here watching your cars this is it hey what a lie we can’t ignore the classics downstairs come with me i’ll show you around there are some worth two three million dollars they’re super collectible come on down this was made for the american market this is a b24 spider america and you see the windscreen here it looks like a back windscreen which is quite cool now to open the door you can do this reach in and there’s a cable pull the cable and open or what’s even cooler but isn’t original is this just watch this you never expect this push this in and the door opens i love that is the inside very quickly all right moving on then we’ve got an aston martin db4 right here and this is a 300 sl so mercedes and everyone loves a nice classic ferrari this is the gtb4 so let’s just have a look inside quickly because this has been fully restored the condition wow look at this isn’t that unbelievable all right moving on this is an alfa romeo 8c and this is the only one in the world remaining with this particular body all right now over here this rolls royce silver ghost it says silver dawn but actually that’s because the whole body was remade as a silver door now what is cool is this spirit of ecstasy you can’t do this on new rolls royces but on the old ones you actually turn this and that gives you access to this the engine ready lift this and then you can actually just let this fall all right so i’m just going to do that like that and there you go look at how beautiful this is engines don’t look like this anymore do they wow you’ve got a beautiful bugatti over here as well 1924 bugatti and this was actually used in racing originally before it was sold to a client and this has lived its entire life in switzerland now this garage is completely controlled temperature wise and humidity wise this is like state of the art we’ve got some nice classic porsches as well over here thanks for watching guys i hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of the most amazing garage bachelor pad that i think i’ve ever seen all right make sure you like the video subscribe to the supercar blondie family and we’ll see you around bye we’re up you

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