Reboot: Alfa Romeo is preparing 5 new models

Reboot: Alfa Romeo is preparing 5 new models


In recent years, Alfa Romeo rewrote production plans almost more often than actually released new models: due to lack of funding, several projects had to be canceled or at least frozen. Now that the Stellantis group has promised all of its brands investments for 10 years ahead, Alpha can more confidently return to the pressing issue of renewing and expanding its product line.

According to Automotive News Europe with reference to the CEO of the Italian company Jean-Philippe Imparato, by 2026 the manufacturer will release five new products – one per year. The first will be the Tonale crossover. They were going to put it on the conveyor before the end of this year, but the launch was postponed to finalize the plug-in hybrid power plant – the first for the brand. According to new data, the debut of the serial version of “Tonale” will take place in March, and sales will start in June 2022.

The remaining four models are still classified, but it is believed that one of them will be the even more compact crossover Brennero. It will share the STLA Small platform (formerly French CMP) with the next Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade and will be registered with them at the plant in Poland. In addition, there is talk of a technological flagship – the “four-door coupe” with the iconic name GTV, which will have a hybrid and all-electric modifications. At the same time, from 2027 Alfa Romeo, according to Imparato, will produce only electric cars.

Earlier it became known that Lancia, together with Alfa Romeo and DS Automobiles responsible for the premium segment in the Stellantis structure, will also switch to electric cars, moreover, starting from 2026.

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