“Reborn” Porsche 928

“Reborn” Porsche 928


Brazilian designer Guilherme Knop and his compatriot 3D-modeler João Schendle drew a modern version of the Porsche 928. In their interpretation, the car combined design elements of the current models of the German brand with the style of the grand tourer of the 70s of the last century, but lost an important element – lifting headlights. According to rumors, Porsche itself is working on the ideological successor to the 928, but so far no official statements have been received from the company.

The original Porsche 928 was unveiled at the 1977 Geneva Motor Show. The model was intended as a replacement for the iconic 911, but the sports car did not appeal to the fans of the brand. They didn’t like the front-engined layout or the water-cooled V8 instead of the “air” boxer. Meanwhile, the 928 received a lot of praise for its comfort and futuristic design, but most still saw it as a luxurious grand tourer rather than the nimble and emotional car that the 911 was. Sales also turned out to be not as high as expected – but the model lasted 18 years on the assembly line.

Guilherme Knop and Juan Chandlet decided to imagine what a Porsche 928 might look like in the 21st century. The car on the renders received characteristic proportions, triangular rear side windows and lights, in which both the 928 GTS and the latest 911 are guessed at the same time. The headlights are, of course, LED – they do not rise, but they are also slightly recessed, like in the original model. In terms of dimensions, the concept turned out to be larger than the original: Knop compared the dimensions of the 928 to the current 911 and transferred them to the sports car in 2015.

Porsche produced the 928 coupe between 1977 and 1995. It was a four-seater car, and the only one in the history of the brand with a front-mounted V8 engine. The volume of the engine throughout the life of the model varied from 4.5 to 5.7 liters, and the output – from 250 to 350 horsepower. In 2018, unofficial information emerged that Porsche intended to introduce the revived 928 series on a shortened Panamera chassis. But such a car has not yet been shown.

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