Recall of Tesla’s “full” autopilot

Recall of Tesla’s “full” autopilot


On Tuesday in the United States, Tesla activated the beta version of the “Fully automatic driving” system on the cars of selected customers. Some of them have already shared their first impressions on social networks.

As expected, we are talking about an early version of what can be called autopilot level four, when the car is able to independently move along the route specified in Yandex.Navigator, provided that the driver remains at the wheel and is ready to take control at any time.

According to a Twitter user with the nickname Brandonee916, the car is really able to move around the city on its own. He was struck by the Tesla’s ability to move from a secondary road to the main one, turning on its turn signal in advance and letting other cars and pedestrians pass, all at night.

At the same time, the driver complained about extreme caution and slowness of the autopilot on a roundabout, but the person had enough patience to wait for Tesla to still perform the maneuver on its own.

Meanwhile, the head of the carmaker, Elon Musk, announced that he was increasing the cost of the autopilot option by another two thousand dollars to 10 thousand. We are talking about software that can be purchased both when buying an electric car and later. Earlier, Musk said that at the moment when the development of autopilot is fully completed, the cost of the option will rise to 10 thousand, but all those who have bought autopilot now will receive updates completely free of charge.

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