Recharging poles: what did the Czechs come up with?

Recharging poles: what did the Czechs come up with?


In the Czech capital Prague, within two years, they intend to install public lighting poles from which it will be possible to recharge electric cars, according to the website of the Municipal Technological Society of Prague.

The CFTS writes about this with a reference to Khmarochos.

In just six years, it is planned to install up to six thousand of these lamps in Prague, and during the first two years more than 400 of them will appear on the streets of 12 districts.

According to estimates, by 2030 there will be about 700 thousand electric vehicles in the country, of which a fifth will run in Prague.

Since it will take more than one year to create a sufficient network of charging points, local authorities have already begun building special infrastructure and using the potential of public lighting.

The project will cost 33.6 million euros.

This amount will cover the cost of purchasing chargers, upgrading public lighting, replacing cable networks and / or upgrading roads.

In addition, the city is installing LED lamps for new poles, which have a lower level of electricity consumption and will be able to control the intensity of lighting depending on external conditions.

Earlier it was reported that in February last year, a station for charging electric vehicles was installed at the Kiev-Passenger railway station in Kiev. In November 2019, the first charging station for electric vehicles appeared at Boryspil airport.

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