Record reduction of prices on a limited number of Hyundai Elantra

Record reduction of prices on a limited number of Hyundai Elantra


Until 31 March 2020 to buy a Hyundai Elantra you at special price and discounts (from 28 UAH 500 and above) act on the car in any configuration.

If the underlying performance of the “Comfort” used to cost 450 UAH 100, now the car in the same configuration is available for 421 600 UAH. For the money you will get c Elantra 1.6-liter gasoline engine (128 BHP and 155 Nm of torque), the “mechanics” of six levels and fuel consumption in the combined cycle at the level of 6.5 liters per “hundred”.

The sedan in this version is equipped with heated front seats and steering wheel, light sensor, air conditioning, reversing camera, multimedia system with 7-inch touchscreen display and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

If “mechanics” is not your option, the Hyundai Elantra in the same configuration, but with an automatic transmission (also on six degrees) will cost 450 UAH 100. This means that the savings will be 29 400 UAH.

The logic is simple – the higher the grade, the greater the discount offers “Hyundai Motor Ukraine”, official distributor of Hyundai.

The top version of the “Prestige” c 2.0-liter engine (152 HP and 192 Nm of torque) and six-speed “automatic machine” at a special price will cost 611 600 UAH (previously – UAH 645 100, a difference of 33 500 UAH). This car is equipped with led optics front and rear, 17-inch alloy wheels, leather interior, heated front and rear rows, a rearview camera and front and rear Parking sensors.

To buy a Hyundai Elantra in the whole Hyundai dealer network in Ukraine. In addition, the “Hyundai Motor Ukraine” (together with several Ukrainian banks) offers the best conditions for the program Hyundai Finance, if you want to buy a car on credit.

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