Record: the Ford Focus was ticketed for speeding more than 700 km/h!

Record: the Ford Focus was ticketed for speeding more than 700 km/h!


Ultra-fast “Focus” was recorded by a traffic camera in Italy: despite the obvious absurdity of the situation, the fine is discharged.

The idea is that in the Ford Performance division now needs to arrange a big party: it turned out that the hot hatchback from the “Blue oval” much faster than expected by their manufacturers. In any case, I thought the camera auto-commit set on one of the roads in the Italian village of Offagna.

The official speed limit where the camera is installed, is 70 km/h. Thus, according to electronics, the woman behind the wheel of the Ford Focus has exceeded the limits exactly 10 times (although according to the manufacturer the maximum speed of the model reaches only 250 km/h). It is obvious that we are talking about a camera error occurs, however, according to local reports, a regional police unit did not bother awkward numbers.


The heroine of the incident has already received a fine of 850 euros. In addition, it threatens the accrual of 10 penalty points (for reaching a certain number of points you can lose the right of driving).

The representative of the local Committee for observance of the rules of the road Giovanni Strologo to which the driver “Focus” has addressed for explanations, advised her not to demand the abolition of the fine. Instead, the woman, according to Strologo, you must first pay for it, and later by an appeal to demand the lifting of sanctions and compensation laid.

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