Reducing the capacity of the ID.3 battery after a year of operation: the continuation of the story

Reducing the capacity of the ID.3 battery after a year of operation: the continuation of the story


The case of the Volkswagen ID.3 electric car, which lost 7.5% of its original battery capacity after its first year of use, has been continued. The manufacturer has officially confirmed the fact of a decrease in capacity.

RBC-Ukraine Auto reports this with a link to InsideEVs.

Some time ago, one of the electric vehicle enthusiasts, known under the pseudonym Battery Life, tested his VW ID.3 after the first year of operation and 22 thousand kilometers.

Comparison of energy consumption and range – when the car was new and after a year – showed that the battery capacity dropped by 4.4 kWh (or 7.5%). The enthusiast complained that he received many negative or pessimistic comments about the results and methodology of his measurements.

After a wave of criticism, Battery Life tested its electric car using the car scanner pro app, which determined the battery capacity at 54.15 kWh (which is 6.6% less than the available 58 kWh of the nominal 62 kWh) ? h new car).

The next logical step was to ask Volkswagen itself about the “health” of the battery. This happened 14 months after the purchase of an electric car and more than 25 thousand kilometers.

Volkswagen Service Center has carried out a special charging / discharging procedure and, using precision equipment, has determined that the remaining battery capacity is 92%. That is, it decreased by 8%.

Thus, an amateur estimate of a 7.5% drop in returns after 12 months of ownership may be more accurate than expected. Although not surprising – even automakers point out that new electric vehicles in any case initially lose a few percent of the battery capacity (then degradation slows down). In addition, the specific operating conditions and the degree of battery discharge play a significant role.

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