Released Porsche 935 bare body

Released Porsche 935 bare body

Racing car Porsche 935 painted in the factory color Agate Grey, in addition to it is possible to order the application of the Martini livery. If this does not suit you, alternatively Porsche offers completely abandon the paintwork.

Porsche 935 race car is constructed on the basis of the 911 GT2 RS 991.2, but, unlike it, it is not intended for public roads: hardcore coupe developed exclusively for club racing and track days. The body frame is made of aluminium and steel and all external panels made of carbon fiber. The vehicle weighs only 1380 pounds: even the passenger seat there is the option.

Wheels stylized original “935 y”, pipes race exhaust system the “908 y”, and mirrors taken from a 911 RSR. The suspension has a hard ball joints, forged levers, enhanced traction and shock absorbers with three-level adjustment. Powertrain – the 3.8-liter byturbulence from the GT2 RS with a capacity of 700 horsepower and a 7-speed “robot” with additional cooling.

In the interior you can find racing dashboard with a large screen in the middle and the carbon fiber wheel. Despite the extremely Spartan interior, the gearbox is a decorated tree, but all the benefits of civilization is only a conditioning. Abandon the application of paint on the body – a bold idea, but the result is impressive: look at how brutal looks of the car! Porsche 935 will be released only in 77 copies worth almost a million dollars for each.

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