Removed, removed, charged: a new Spanish electric car

Removed, removed, charged: a new Spanish electric car


The Spanish electric scooter maker Silence has released a video showing its first city electric car, the S04. The novelty will be prepared in two modifications. Moreover, the basic version of the model can be driven from the age of 16 without a driver’s license. The cost of a compact electric car will start at € 7,500.

The length of the two-seater Silence S04 will be only 2330 millimeters. In the basic version, the electric car will receive an 8-horsepower electric motor and a 5.6-kilowatt battery. The power plant will be able to accelerate the model to 45 kilometers per hour. It will be possible to drive such an electric car from the age of 16, since European legislation allows the operation of low-power vehicles without a driver’s license.

The top version of the Silence S04 is equipped with an electric motor with a return of 19 horsepower. The unit will be equipped with a battery with a capacity of 11.2 kilowatt-hours. Such an electric car can travel up to 150 kilometers without recharging. The maximum speed will be 90 kilometers per hour. One of the features of the novelty will be removable batteries that can be quickly replaced at special stations, as well as recharged from household outlets.

When the innovative electric car will go on sale is still unknown. The developers claim that the basic version of Silence S04 will cost 7,500 euros.

At the end of September, a miniature electric car that can be used on public roads was put up for sale on the Alibaba online platform. At the same time, the cost of the Chinese model starts from $ 100.

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