Renault and Nissan develop cheap batteries for electric cars

Renault and Nissan develop cheap batteries for electric cars


It’s no secret that the most expensive part of a modern electric car is its battery. And the battery accounts for half the weight of the entire car at once. So it is logical that the manufacturers of electric cars and batteries for them are striving to make batteries lighter and cheaper.

So, two Japanese companies Renault and Nissan decided to cooperate more actively in the production of batteries for electric cars. Their goal is to turn electric cars into mass transportation.

Prior to that, both brands, members of the same alliance, purchased batteries from different third-party companies, the international news agency Reuters writes. For example, electric cars with Renault logos are equipped with batteries from LG Energy Solution (formerly known as LG Chem).

The appearance of a unified traction battery, according to Renault CEO Luca de Meo, will allow the alliance to be among those who are the first to produce more than 1 million electric cars. It’s also a great way to cut costs. Negotiations between the two companies are in active stage today.

Expansion of cooperation in this promising and important area, in addition to technological solutions, will also bring reasonable savings.

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